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Tertiary vascular centre in East London. Busy job with a high influx of patients, bulk being made up of chronic and acute limb ischaemias needing revascularisation/amputation, also EVAR/TEVARs. Some of the consultants also had weekly joint IR veins lists too for varicose veins procedures. The team was generally quite friendly, and were always keen to get us involved in theatre, but obviously SHOs came first- I was extremely surgery averse but I did help my reg do a below knee amputation which was pretty cool (but very gory, and the bone saw came dangerously close to my knuckles...). With surgical cases the main thing you'll be doing is listing them and making sure they have coags/G&S done. The main thing to be aware of is that vascular patients have many MANY medical comorbidities (bad diabetes, ESRF on dialysis, IVDU, often all three combined) which F1s basically had to deal with as the SpRs/consultants were clueless or didn’t care. In a way this was useful in a kind of “dive in at the deep end” way, and it definitely helped keep up medical knowledge during a surgical job, but often you would feel a bit isolated in terms of senior support, which I guess is commonplace across all surgical jobs. However there are 2/3 other F1s in the gang which is nice, and there was also regular POPS as well as renal input for the various medical issues, which was very helpful and hopefully is still ongoing. The team was generally quite friendly (which is good compared to other vascular centres I've heard about), but get yourself ready for a whole world of smells and odours, especially on the diabetic foot round...
Vascular Surgery
Foundation Programme Year One (FY1)
The Royal London Hospital
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