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Acute Internal Medicine

West Suffolk Hospital
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This hospital sells itself as being doctor friendly. I have mixed feelings on this. One positive is that the hospital utilises technology very well. Everything is digital. You will use your own phone as a bleep through medicbleep, but be aware that this can sometimes randomly stop working without warning. You may also get bleeped when you’re not at work even if you click “unavailable”. Some negative points that I noticed: -there are no designated office spaces for doctors to work. There are computers on the ward but this means you’re regularly interrupted and never seem to get anything finished - it’s a hassle taking leave due to the frequency of on call shifts, 1 every 1-2 weeks, which you must find a swap for in order for your leave to be granted - it is even more of a hassle getting approved for study leave. I gave up in the end - sketchy departmental teaching and variable ability to leave for your training programme’s scheduled teaching if you are on call - bizarre issue at the end of the clinical gov meetings ( may be specific to the dept I was in) when only the doctors are asked to leave the room so that the rest of the team can raise any “concerns” about them behind their backs. This does not happen to any other clinical group on the team and its demeaning. It should apply to all staff groups or none. This never happened at any other hospital I worked at. Whilst the majority of staff are friendly, expect to encounter a few rude lab people who, bizarrely, seemed to get agitated when you didn’t know the hospital-specific way to order a test because you were never told how it’s done in this trust. Indeed, It seemed that you were expected to know how things are done by osmosis and by virtue of your medical training seemingly endowing you with all knowledge ever written. Also: EVERY CT/MRI/ ultrasound/ endoscopy has to be physically discussed with a radiologist, who may or may not agree resulting in a further scintillating game of you acting as a message boy between consultant who wants the scan and radiologist who says no. Because you have nothing better to do. Also you sometimes have to justify asking for an X-ray out of hours with a radiographer? Bizarre Other than all that it’s ok ✅ Good luck!
Acute Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine Training
West Suffolk Hospital
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